Bathroom Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling

A comprehensive remodel is the best way to not only transform your space but ensure the structural integrity and mechanics are all in place and working properly. The room can be re arranged for a modern layout or larger shower. Multiple options are considered so ensure your needs are met before construction begins preventing costly changes.

Bathroom Remodelling

In this Picture you can see where a tub was leaking mainly in the corners causing a black mold to form. We were able to remove the subfloor panel and replace it with a new sheet. No damage damage was done to the joist so no additional work was needed to sure the framing.

A common reason bathrooms are remodeled is due to poor craftsmanship where owners complain about loose tile or cracked grout. The usual cause for this is poor adhesion and you can see in this picture less than 1% of the tile was actually fixed to the wall. This tile should be completely covered in thinset instead we see a glue like substance that was never meant to hold tile. This type of thing happens from uneducated inexperienced installers.


During this remodel we found a vanity lead that had been leaking for some time. Only when the room has been fully removed can we see issues like this and repair them. This is the reason a full demo is crucial for any remodel. This one pipe could have been left covered and destroyed thousands oF dollars of new product anytime after the remodel was completed.

This exterior wall held some surprises when a colony of ants was found trying to move in. Fortunately the issue was easily discovered on the outside and repaired with very little additional charges. If never found who knows what city this could have grown into.


This is a shower curb that was removed to reveal severe rot under what appeared to be solid but outdated tile. We typically do not recommend using wood for a curb and that is most likely why this shower system failed. With an all foam system this issue simply isn't an option.

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