Waterproof Shower Systems


Waterproof Shower Systems

Are you planning a shower remodeling project in your master bathroom soon? Why do you want to go the extra mile and put a fully water resistant shower system in your home? Lets start with a common problem we find that we call "jungle rot". Jungle rot is caused by standing water trapped in a concrete pad under your nice looking shower floor. Now the real problem is bacteria that live off whats trapped in that water. Over time a buildup of bacteria will begin to emit an odor indicating an issue. To eliminate this issue completely we use a closed cell foam that bacteria cannot penetrate, in addition to this we use all anti microbial grouts and thinsets to combat the issue. 

Shower Options

Features are an important addition to any shower and being able to properly execute those features can be even more crucial. An improperly installed shower niche can lead to a disastrous leak and adds difficulty to the installation.  Nice miters around corners are hard to achieve and take a true craftsman to pull it together. We offer many options inside your shower and are always open to new ideas

Shelving is an easy and cost effective way to add storage to your shower. we can provide tempered glass corner shelves or create one out of 2 inch thick wedi panel and wrap with tile at a custom size. Large Shelves can also be installed along an entire back wall or even free float the options are vast.

Hooks and Towel Bars have been around for a while but have recently been on the rise. You may provide us with any hook or bar or we can supply one upon request.

A niche can be a big upgrade over a basic shelf and doesn't take away from the size of the shower and give you something to bump your elbow on. Although a niche is more labor intensive the results can really add some style to a shower and break up a repetitive wall. we can add a custom niche in any location and we can also make it inline with complete tiles to give the illusion of a single tile being sunken into the wall. This can create a cool effect and really bring the shower to life. A header niche is the most striking upgrade and in this instance we install a header and sil into the framing of the wall to create a wall to wall niche giving you a sunken shelf the length of your shower.

Shower Benches are a great upgrade for individuals who frequently shave their legs in the shower. this upgrade can be dual purpose by also serving as a shelf. Thanks to the wedi building panel a bench is a budget friendly addition to a proper sized shower.

Ceilings can be tiled to give your shower a complete feel that really finishes the space. in addition to a ceiling we can also add a rain shower head as the only water feature or in addition to the standard faucet. The rain head can have a separate diverter valve to be controlled individually.

A handheld faucet allows you to directly control the water at the palm of your hand. The fixture attaches to the wall after tiling and ties into the existing plumbing. It can be set up to have its own valve or come on with the main faucet and have its own on off switch.

Barrier Free Entry removes the curb from the entryway of the shower and allows the bathroom floor to run right into the shower. Proper planing ensure the water always stays inside the shower and combining barrier free with a doorless setup can create an open stall that is part of the room. This look isn't for everyone but it is definitely on the rise.

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