Not sure what direction you want to go with your next remodel?

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With so many options today its hard to narrow down the choices. We have put this space together to help gather ideas for your next project.

Curbless Shower

The curbless shower is a relatively new trend that is quickly picking up speed. Its clean appearance and ease of entry makes it appealing to a variety of individuals. New materials allow us to add a curbless shower into almost any home without cutting into the structure.

Doorless Showers

Another new trend on the rise ditching the door altogether. this idea can totally transform your space and make a small shower feel open. typically needing a "splash zone" not every bathroom is suited for a doorless shower but with proper planning most spaces can be adapted to accept a shower you'll enjoy every day.

Wet Rooms

Our favorite design is the full on wet room turning the entire bathroom into one big open bathhouse. This idea to us is at the top of modern designs and produces such a fine finished product. You can turn a large 12' x 12' bathroom or part of a hallway or closet into its own unique space and never worry about a door or large glass panel obstructing the room.

Live Edge

Live edge vanity tops have become a unique way to bring the natural beauty of nature into your bathroom and really give it that "edge". Slabs as we call them can be suspended from the wall and appear to float or you can combine it with an old dresser or antique furniture for a truly one of a kind vanity to set your bathroom apart from the crowd.

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