About Us


Welcome to AD Tile Fitters

AD tile fitters is a custom construction company that has dedicated itself to bathroom installation from remodeling to new construction specializing in hard surface tile installation. Over the years we have gravitated to the art of tile driving us to be the best we can to deliver the best you can expect. We are a local company servicing 15 miles from Imperial, Pennsylvania that works directly with the home owner  to bring your dreams to life. At AD tile Fitters we strive to create those relations to really capture your vision and add a professional view. We welcome those unique ideas and really love taking on your wildest projects. Bringing to the table 15 years of in the field experience we are here to bring about the best possible results using the best products available. We deliver up front construction advice inline with other contractors across America and ANSI/TCNA guidelines.

Home Remodeling Projects

Our home remodeling projects start with the preservation of your current home. To often contractors neglect your existing flooring leaving you with more repairs than when they started. At AD Tile Fitters we protect your existing floors to ensure we leave your home the way we found it. With the use of temporary plastic walls we keep the dust created from construction from penetrating into finished sections of your home. Without this your entire home would become a construction site that in not only unwanted, but also unhealthy for your entire family.

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